Boarding Price List


Price Per Day

(Includes arrivals and departures)

Price Per Addtional Animal In Enclosure

(Daily rate)

Small - Medium Tortoises (e.g. Horsefield, Hermanns')



Large tortoise (e.g) Greek Spur thighed



Small Lizards (e.g. Geckos)



Medium Lizards (e.g. Bearded Dragon, Water Dragon)



Small/Medium Snakes (e.g. Corn Snakes, King Snakes)



Thick bodied snakes (royal pythons, rainbow boas etc)



Large snakes

Price on application

  **Prices subject to change

Any profit raised via this service goes directly into Proteus, helping us to look after rescued reptiles from all over the UK.

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  Free Winter Tortoise MoT

Here on Sunday 23rd Oct.

          10am til 4pm

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Mon - Fri: 08:30am - 5:30pm

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By appointment only. 

Holiday Boarding and Other Enquiries:

Open as usual! Organise drop off and collection with a member of our team within our opening hours.


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