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Sofia is a unique character, especially for a crested gecko. She is affectionately known here as our 'devil child' and has more of a Tokay spirit than crested gecko! She has bitten on several occasions just from having your hand in the enclosure. We are working on desensitising her to this, she has definitely shown improvement. Despite this, we find her most amusing to watch and always makes us laugh!

She came in after being given up from her original owner then to a co-worker who eventually surrendered to ourselves. Unfortunately during this time she was terrorised by a cat which may explain her extremely skittish behaviour. It does not seem as though she has ever been handled and becomes extremely agitated when it is attempted.  She came in malnourished, the most underweight crested gecko we have seen. Fortunately, she has a fierce appetite - unfortunately this is the cause of the biting. She believes anything that moves is food! She has been putting on lots of weight during her time with us. 

We rarely see her sleep, she is constantly on the go. Again, this is most unusual for a crested gecko. 

**It is essential that Sofia's new owners are incredibly experienced and confident crested gecko owners who can continue to work on her behavioural issues. We will not accept any reservation until the interested party has come to meet Sofia in person and demonstrated the appropriate knowledge and experience**

UPDATE 27/12/21: Sofia is improving with her behaviour whilst with us. She no longer bites when your hand is in the viv and is starting to be able to be handled for short periods of time. This will need continued work. 

Please note: It is our policy that all crested geckos are rehomed to vivariums that include UVB [we recommend a T5 Shade Dweller] and a heat element such as ceramic bulb or deep heat projector [via a thermostat]. Minimum vivarium size for Sofia is a 45x45x60. 

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Crested Gecko

Scientific name

Correlophus ciliatus




4 years old 

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