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A very thin "Xena" on arrival with a noticeable swollen foot and non existent fat reserves.

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Scientific Name



Bearded Dragon

 Pogona vitticeps


 7+ Years

About her

Meet "Xena", our princess warrior!

Her journey started in February when she arrived at the centre.

She came to us very underweight, lethargic and with a swollen foot which was undoubtly causing her discomfort.

She is a strong girl and has a wonderful character, we hope with time she will continue to improve and eventually be available for adoption.

Why she needs sponsoring

Although "Xena" has already been to the vets several times since her arrival, her recovery is going to take much MUCH longer and she will need spoiling with plenty of food and TLC!. We plan to take her back to the vets for another check up before she is made available for adoption. We estimate this could be several months down the line when she has gained sufficient weight.

Her Journey so Far

Since her arrival in February, we have really gone through a rollercoaster of emotions; from concerns she wouldn't live through the night and seeing her very lethargic, to the joys of watching her perk up and showing some normal Bearded dragon behaviour.

We took "Xena" to A.K Duncan vets in Wollaston to get a full check checkup which included xray's on her feet. Thankfully she doesn't have any broken bones and we have since administered two courses of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

"Xena" was aptly named by one of the vets at A.K Duncans due to to her dominant nature and foot injury. She truly is a "Princess Warrior"!

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